2014 Jubilarians Celebrate

Meet our Sisters who are celebrating special anniversaries this year. Collectively, they have given hundreds of years of service to the good God. On August 17th, they renewed their vows and gave thanks for the blessings they have received. (You’ll enjoy the photo album at the bottom of this page.)

Front row: Sisters Paula Tak, Barbara Hamm and Magdalena Yang. Back row: Sisters Carole Proctor, Noreen Morgan, Pat McGlinn. Not present at ceremony: Sisters Julie Carmel Mingoia and Gertrude Boracca.

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75 Years
Julie Carmel Mingoia

70 Years
Barbara Hamm

60 Years
Gertrude Boracca
Patricia McGlinn
Noreen Morgan
Carole Proctor

50 Years
Paula Tak
Magdalena Yang

Jubilee Mass and Reception Photo Album