About Bees…

By Sr. Margaret Hoffman, SND

bee copyGreenpeace is one of several organizations warning about the depletion of the bee population. Not just here in America, but globally bee populations are crashing. Last winter one of the threats to one of our most important pollinator groups, the honey bee, caused nearly one third of hives in our country to collapse. As many as 40% of commercial bee colonies have been lost in less than a decade.

The threat to our food crop worldwide is hard to believe. Some 90% of the world’s nutrition depends on the honey bee. And this is occurring not because of some act of God. The bees are being poisoned by powerful pesticides, including “neonics” or neonicotinoids. Such losses are unnatural, unprecedented and unsustainable.

Two years ago 50,000 bees dropped dead in Oregon in a single month–the largest bee-die-off in recorded history. Safari, a powerful neonic pesticide, had been sprayed on linden trees to kill aphids.

The Solution: The EPA must suspend the use of neonics on flowers and crops that bees pollinate. Despite the advertising of giant chemical companies or their denial, the evidence is in: Neonics must go and the EPA must regulate the chemical companies.

ACTION: According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, Bayer, the German company who produces aspirin as well as pesticides, sells neonics in America. If you haven’t already, please sign this petition urging Bayer to withdraw these pesticides. And do forward this to friends and family urging them to do the same.

ACTION: Pray for more accountability in the business community for the common good, The good words of Pope Francis tells us we must care for the land and its creatures for the sake of all.

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