All Souls Remembrance

“Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them.”

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November is a time to remember loved ones who have died. It is a time to remember their goodness and how they enriched our lives. It is a time to be grateful.

Our Sisters will be joining you in praying for all who have died. 

Please use the comment area below to list the names and something special about the person.


  1. Sr. Alberta Marie Karp, SND – an extraordinary Aunt!
    James &; Beatrice Kurpinsky- in memory of what would have been 75 years of marriage.

  2. Colin P Clark-husband
    Carl and Lucy Jonas-parents
    Barbara Jonas sister and NDB graduate
    Andrew and Suzanne Jonas siblings

    Thank you for your prayers!

  3. Antonio Leon and Antonia Leon ~ my wonderful parents. My father was the kindest man ever – a true gentleman. A quiet, yet talented musician. My mother loved to laugh and was a wonderful cook – she was famous for her culinary skills. And they both had an amazing work ethic; they always put their family first; and they were faithful in their prayer life. I miss them.

    1. Please pray for Helen and Vince Telisman, best parents. Jim and Dorothy Owens best parents.
      Jane Smith best friend

  4. Kathy Krasovic NDSF 1964 my best friend and sister in law.
    Richard & Lorraine Matthews my parents.
    Louis & Frances Krasovic my in laws.
    Fr. Edward Finn. He was a missionary in the Amazon for 30 years.

  5. Bill Jankord Jr. on the 1 anniversary of your passing
    Lisa Hebert on your 6 year anniversary..still watching over Kate
    Keith Molstad..we miss your English charm
    Gerald Wright…taking care of Christian with love..
    Grandma Edith and Grandpa Bill…traveling the world with you two on my shoulders
    Grandma Lee…mi abuelita muy especial
    Arnold…missing you every day!

  6. For my mom, Marguerite Kenyon and my sister Diane Kenyon. Marguerite went to Catholic school in London and always loved that I was able to work with the sisters. My sister Diane was taken in her early 40’s from cancer and was always my biggest cheerleader.
    Thank you for your prayers!

  7. Jim and Lois Noether, – my in laws
    Olivia Noether – my mother in law
    Katie and Jerry Terranova – my mom and dad
    Gerald Terranova – my oldest brother
    Joey Terranova – my nephew
    Joey Wilson – Jim’s nephew
    Thank you, dear sisters…..Kathy

  8. Please pray for my mother – Sheila Lehman. She has been gone for 20 years now. She is missed by many friends and family.

  9. Please pray for the eternal rest of the following persons all whom were wonderful and generous people:

    Connie Plata
    Justin Aceves
    Robert Bob Lopez
    Juanita Baracosa
    Jacinto de León
    Amalia Hernández de León
    Manuel Carvalho
    Chena Davalos Velez
    Fernando Serano
    Guadalupe Vela Leal
    Celia Perez
    Macri Catarina
    Manuel Gonzales
    Papa Maxwell
    Jane Nannini
    Chava Aceves
    Cata Toscano
    and all of the other souls who have departed before us.

  10. Please pray for the eternal rest of the following persons all whom were wonderful and generous people: Connie Plata, Justin Aceves, Robert Bob Lopez, Juanita Baracosa, Jacinto de León, Amalia Hernández de León, Manuel Carvalho, Chena Davalos Velez, Fernando Serano, Celia Perez
    Manuel Gonzales, Jane Nannini (NDSJ ee), Salvador Aceves, Catalina Toscano
    all of the other souls who have departed before us.

  11. Suzanne Ettelson
    Jocelyn Mannell
    Dominique Richard
    Emilie Richard
    Martin Swig
    Jacqueline Delaporte
    Bruno Richard

    1. I had the great pleasure of knowing Sister Frances. She was a frequent guest at our home as she and my Aunt, Sister Paula Butier SND, were friends. Even now I can see her warm smile and infectious laugh. I will always remember her very fondly. I will remember her in my prayers this month, but I feel certain she is in heaven praying for all of us!

  12. Please pray for
    Charles and Marian Frick–parents
    William J. Frick–brother
    Linda Griffin– college roommate
    Sr. Dolores Pardini, SND–dear friend from high school, college and until her death

  13. Andy Chiari. A kind, loving and generous person–talented and brave. Dearly loved and always missed.
    Thank you for you prayers.

  14. Please pray for:
    Sister Paula Butier SND
    Loretta Butier Montana
    Michael Peter Butier
    Paul Nicholas Nalty
    John Edward Nalty
    Kathleen Butier Nalty
    Jane Nalty Berger
    Scott Alan Clark
    All the deceased members of the Clark, Nalty, Berger, and Butier Families

  15. THANK YO SO MUCH!!!!
    My own family and relatives and recent deaths of
    – Robert DeBarr Jr
    – Lucille Harris Brown
    and friends:
    – Lous Basille
    – Kay Daly
    – Dennis Berger

    Honestly expect that are really all SAINTS!

  16. Please keep the following in your prayers
    Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Smith
    Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Gehrken
    Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Gehrken, Jr.
    Sylvia Jensen
    James Gehrken
    Samuel E. Smith, Jr.
    Martha Smith
    Marlene Smith
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Florene Column
    Shannon Family
    Hunter Family
    Rodgers Family

    Thanks, Dave Smith

  17. Please pray for my family who have departed from this life:

    Mar the and Peter Goyton, my parents
    Mary and George Page, my in-laws
    Martha and John Allemand, my sister & brother-in-law
    Lillian and Peter Goyton, my brother-& sister-in-lawf
    Virginia Nilan, my dear sister
    Joseph Goyton, my dear brother
    Loretta and Mario Ciampi
    Margaret and John Mulrooney
    Cyril and Julie Verili
    Grace and William Keane
    Nora and James Keane

  18. Cornelius and Mary Reilly my parents
    Charles and Josephine Millar. Father and mother in law
    Teresa Jesmont friend

  19. Reggie Mersaroli
    Odessa Fasano
    Vince Fasano
    Ginny Anthony
    José Fernandez
    Stanley Nealon
    Grandma Nealon
    Pete Villa
    Eleanor Villa
    Peaches Mersaroli

  20. My parents: Rafael and Charily
    my beloved sister, Isabel
    my most beloved and saintly husband, Tom, who was such a wonderful human being!

  21. Please pray for:
    Humberto & Angela Re – my parents
    Marcelino & Ofelia Perezcassar – my in-laws
    Nora Re Wallace – my sister
    Humberto N. Re – my brother
    Danial Michael Perez – my grandson

    Thank you.

  22. My beautiful and adoring mother Elise Marie Boyd
    My “adopted” grandmother Leonora J. Stiefvater
    My loving grandparents Rudolf and Mary Daisy Schulze

  23. Mary Carlin Deegan
    William and Mae Deegan
    Billy Deegan
    Paul and Helen McCarron
    Michael and Hilda McCarron


  24. Husband, John, my parents & stepfather & his wife, my In-laws, and friends and family who I pray nightly for.

  25. Please remember our recently deceased parents whose generosity formed family values:
    Walter Haller
    Lena Belle Haller
    Alice Condren
    Joseph Condren

  26. Sister Elizabeth Mary Hagmaier, Sister Patricia McGlinn, Thomas Smith, Manuel Fernandez, Uncle Frank Maloney, Blaine Bradshaw, Mary Carter, Grandma Lois Maloney, Grandpa Kevin Maloney, Grandpa Frank Torres, Uncle Vincenzo Simonini, Uncle Nilo Simonini, Phyllis Landick, Robert Landick, Sister Virginia Maloney, Sister Ann Maloney, Cousin Bud

  27. Grandma and Grandpa Fechke, Grandma and Grandpa O’Brien, Dad and Mom Rooney, Patrick and Peg Rooney, Tillie and Patrick O’Brien, Dan Frazell,
    Olga and Pete Bujicich, Fred and Ella Sims, Freddie Sims, Frank Derian, Georgie Sims, baby Franie, Francis Love, Father Burns, Father Tom Adams, Scott Beecher,
    Sister Paula Butar,

  28. Tom and Dorothy Smith
    Olive and Mutt Jennings
    Bob, MaryAnn and Jack Young
    Roberta, Martha, Mary and Marguerite Young
    May Sevilla, Herminia Dierking, Anita Kelly
    Lauranne Moreno, Norlen Drossel, Susan Larkin,
    I think of you often and wish I’d had more time with you.

  29. Claridge H. Rice, my dad
    Carolyn J. Rice, my mom
    Jeanette Chahuán Herane, beloved friend and pen pal
    Marilyn Bowles, beloved friend

    1. Henryne Goode, much loved mother-in-law
      Frank M. Stewart, Sr, father in law
      Harry Leonard Goode, step father in law

  30. My beloved mother Leontine Stella Stultz who died when I was 4, many years ago.
    And also my grandparents William A. Stultz, and my grandmother, Edith M. Stulz who raised my sister and I after my mother’s death, and my father was in the Navy. The grandparents loved their daughter in law Leontine very much.

  31. Thank you very much for this site.
    Our daughter, Leontine, (Linky) was a student of Sister Carolyn Buhs in Honolulu. She remembers her fondly. She is now 60 years old.

  32. My parents, Wes Warren who died at Christmas time last year, rejoining my mother, Ramona, who died ten years ago. Mom was an introverted rock of strong and steady faith. Dad was an extrovert, playful, loving and wise. His mission in life was to be a devoted husband and father to his 12 children. We dozen will gather at Thanksgiving to mourn his passing a year ago. Both parents steered the family ship with unwavering faith in God.

  33. Patricia Fasano Mersaroli – ND Marysville, NDNU

    Reggie Mersaroli, my husband
    Vince and Odessa Fasano, my parents
    Cora Nealon, my maternal grandmother
    Marie and Nick Fasano, my fraternal grandparents
    Virginia and Merlyn Anthony, cherished friends
    Peter and Eleanor Villa, “like grandparents”
    Jessie and Mike Hafferty, aunt and uncle
    Thomas LaRatta, piano professor, mentor, friend
    Jackie and Bill Meadville, cherished friends

  34. Sr. Mary Geraldine Sinnott, S.N.D.
    Sr. Mary Anselm Sinnott, S.N.D.
    Ralph and Maude S. Arnold
    Aloyse Sinnott
    Ethel (Sinnott) Murphy
    John M. Murphy
    Dan Bryant
    David Dioli
    Oveline and Francis Cummings
    Kathrine Doherty
    Scott Carey
    Bitsie Root

  35. Gregory N. Ochoa Sr. My father.
    His name ain’t on no tablets,
    in no park his statue stands all his
    live he worked for wages you could
    tell it by his hands. All the wealth he
    left behind him wouldn’t have filled a
    sardine can. But I’d like to get to thank
    him for being my old man!!

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