All Souls Remembrance

November is a time to remember loved ones who have died. It is a time to remember their goodness and how they enriched our lives. It is a time to be grateful.

Our Sisters will be joining you in praying for all who have died. 

Please use the comment area below to list the names and something special about each person.


  1. Thank you for your prays and for your service.
    Please pray for:
    Marion & Robert Lanza (my parents)
    Tony & Clara LaPine (Grand parents)

  2. Please pray for the souls of;
    Sister Dorothy Stang
    Charles Belvo
    Pete Belvo
    Bernie Belvo
    Bobby Belvo
    Rita Belvo
    Virginia Belvo

  3. Please pray for: D.B. Moore
    The Moore Family
    The Burk Family
    The Mello Family
    The Maurer Family
    The MORA Family
    All souls that have no one tp pray for them

  4. Please pray for
    Charles & Marian Frick (my parents)
    William Frick (my brother)
    Dolores Pardini, SND (my good friend)

  5. Please pray for my daughter Cathy Azevedo
    Bill Kennedy
    Jennie Allec
    Matt Rupel
    Mary Fitzgerald
    Fern McLaggan
    Dolores Schmidt ND classmate of ’51

  6. Daniel Capodanno passed away last April in his early 70’s. He was pne of my very influential Scoutmasters when I was a boy, and he was a very giving person of high moral character. I miss him much and ask on behalf of his family and friends for your healing wishes and prayers.

  7. Please pray for deceased members of the Waldron family:
    Norb and Mary
    Bea and Don
    Eugene, Sr. and Julia
    George and Rena
    Fred and Catherine
    Helena and Dan
    Mary and Peter
    Barbara and Bill Bransfield
    Margaret and John McCloskey
    Lillian and Fran Carr
    Claire and Don Halligan

  8. Please Pray For: Edward Appenrodt
    Maria & John Rohrer
    Aaron Zapatta
    Rose Gauci
    Lina & Bob Kiniery
    Marilyn Kiniery
    Matthew Mahoney
    Marge & Earl Appenrodt
    Bob Davis

  9. Love and remembrance of…
    Henry Han, my loving & caring dad
    Gerald, my precious one year old brother, who passed one month before my birth
    Dora & Tim Jones, my aunt & uncle who loved and cared for me like a daughter
    Grandparents who I unfortunately never met
    Godmother Ruby Dong, godsister Pearl Dong
    ALL my other relatives/friends, and Tuffy, our pet dog!

  10. Please remember in your prayers:
    Beatrice Kurpinsky (ND alum)
    James Kurpinsky (my Dad)
    **all the many relatives/friends who have passed away

  11. Please pray for:

    Patricia M. LaScola (Mother and Grandmother)
    Anthony LaScola (Father and Grandfather)
    Grandparents and other family members who have passed away but will always be with us in SPIRIT!!

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