A Legacy of Giving Back

Dan Haley remembers his father, who owned Gold Seal Creamery in Palo Alto, giving an extra scoop of ice cream to the seminarians when they came in. Olivia remembers her education at College of Notre Dame where the Sisters’ lives were focused on their students. “They were so well-educated,” she says, “and seemed ahead of their times.”  Both picked up attitudes of gratitude and practices of giving back., “It’s a give-back, a thank you.”

No dramatic experiences, but a lifetime of living their faith and experiencing the benefits of family, Catholic school, parish involvement, and Notre Dame Sisters along the way. Olivia and Dan Haley are perfect examples of people who keep the circle of generous giving going!

Dan and Olivia met right here in Belmont when they were young teachers at Cipriani Elementary School.  Olivia was one of the first student teachers from CND’s education department.  The Haleys were among the first Eucharistic ministers at St. William Parish in Los Altos, and 30+ years later, they are still serving there.  Olivia became good friends with Sr. Mary Emmanuel Donnelly when both served on the parish staff there.  Dan still contributes as an educator who now advises and supervises student interns at NDNU.

Sisters of Notre Dame are honored by Dan and Olivia’s generous “give-back” decision” and very grateful to them.

May the circle of generous giving return to them in blessings a hundredfold.

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