A Very Generous Gift of Land

Nickola and Marilyn Mardesich neither attended Notre Dame schools nor had children in our schools.  In fact, their connection to the Sisters was not one usually thought of as easy or positive…it was one of landlord and tenant!  But the Mardesiches so enjoyed getting to know the Sisters who were their tenants for a few years in a small house across the street from their own home that Nick and Marilyn remembered Sisters of Notre Dame with a generous and valuable property bequest.

For most of his life, Nick was a hard-working Santa Clara Valley orchardist.  When he finally sold most of the property he had acquired over the years, he and his wife kept their 1930’s home built on an acre of one of their orchards in Sunnyvale.  Marilyn was an avid “antiquer,” collecting so many interesting things that Nick built a shed and a warehouse on the property for her to store them.

In 1997, the Mardesiches spoke with Development staff about their estate plans. They intended to remember family members and some well-known charities in their Trust and to leave their home and property to the Sisters. Both Nick, who died in 1998, and Marilyn, who died in 2005, knew how much the Sisters appreciated their thoughtfulness.

Nick’s and Marilyn’s gift is one of the largest bequests the Sisters have ever received. Thanks to their thoughtful and generous gift, income from the eventual sale of the property will assist in a significant way with the care of our Sisters of retirement age and also with Sisters in active ministry. A plaque at the Province Center will be a reminder of the Mardesich legacy; Nick and Marilyn will always be remembered gratefully and prayerfully by the Sisters.

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