Celebrating Our 2017 Jubilarians

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating with our Sisters who have reached milestones in their years as Sisters of Notre Dame. 

Please click on the Sister’s photo to access her story.

50 Years

Sr. Terry Davis


60 Years

Sr. Jeanette (Marie Pierre) Braun
Sr. Marie Annette Burkart
Sr. Nena (Giovannina) Fazio
Sr. Claudia (Joan)   McTaggart
Sr. Jeanne (Marguerite) Sullivan 
Sr. Barbara (Andrea) Thiella 


70 Years

Sr. Barbara (Barbara Ann) Kavanaugh 
Sr. Dolores (Joseph) Steiner

 Last updated: 2017-07-26


  1. Congratulations to all of you lovely and dedicated Sisters. You commitment to education and the various other endeavors you choose to be a part of is a gift to us. Having the SND’s teach me from the First grade through Freshman year and having a sister who was an SND for 15 years at the same time, gave me an interesting perspective on what A Nuns’ life is like. Thank you for your service to the many of us who were graced in your presence! God Bless you all❤️

  2. ~ In Gratitude & Thanksgiving for the Sisters of Notre Dame who celebrated their Jubilee Sunday, Aug. 6th in Belmont: Sisters Terry Davis, Jeanette Braun, Marie Annette Burkart, Nena Fazio, Claudia McTaggart, Jeanne Sullivan, Barbara Thiella, Barbara Kavanaugh, and Dolores Steiner. Thank you, Kathy Noether

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