“Comedy of Errors” as Described by Sister Sandy

The story comes to us from missionary Sr. Sandy Price, who has worked in Nicaragua for over 30 years. Anyone who has been involved with planning an event will appreciate this “comedy of errors”!

Preschooler, 2009.

Friday was the preschool promotion of 25 children in Mulukukú. We had a few “minor” problems that seemed like a comedy of errors at times. We were prepared for everything except what really happened! We had water for the kids who might ask for it, toilet paper and rags for any spills and such, decorations, food, etc. First in the morning, the firewood didn’t arrive. The batteries for the recorder for the music were too large and middle-sized batteries are not available anywhere in Mulukukú. A second recorder was found to be full of termites. The electricity went off three times during the two hours of the ceremony. The city offered us the use of a mobile sound system but we didn’t have a truck to bring it. We finally found a truck but there was no one who knew how to use the equipment. Finally found someone to come but we didn’t have a generator to which to connect the equipment. Found a generator but then the sound system couldn’t read the USB that had the music recorded. Found someone with a laptop that could read it and got it connected to the system finally. We paraded down the main street to the “March from Aida” but the police who were suppose to stop the traffic and control any problems didn’t show up until we were at the entrance to our center! The children couldn’t perform the dances they had practiced for weeks because the electricity went off after the first dance and mobile sound system was already packed up. But with diplomas, pictures, a piñata and cake and cola no one seemed the least bit disturbed and had a wonderful time!