Implementing a “Culture of Care”

By Sr. Margaret Hoffman, SND

popeIf there is one thing that Pope Francis modeled for us and spoke to during his time here in the U.S. is our common need for community. In identifying himself as an immigrant like most of us, he affirmed not only the human right to seek basics for survival, but the right to dream a future for oneself, one’s family and others free of war and conflict—in other words—life in a Culture of Care.

He described what this entails: an effort to create and distribute wealth, to use natural resources and technology wisely, to have respect for the earth, to understand the need for decent jobs as a matter of human dignity.

Pope Francis held up a mirror for us to see what we have been in the past. He called up Americans who cared, whom we have admired because they lived for the sake of the whole. These were people who lived the Culture of Care—Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., Dorothy Day, Thomas Merton—people of hope, people of justice and peace. Pope Francis spoke WITH us. He is a bridge builder, a friend and a brother. . . .

Please share below your own thoughts, memorable moments of seeing and hearing Pope Francis during his visit to America. . . and let us pray for him.


  1. For me, the most memorable part of the pope’s visit was his speech to Congress, which he began by reminding us what public servants are called to do and be. He used that speech to “hold up a mirror” as you said and not to point a finger at anyone. Biden and Boehner were clearly moved by his words.

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