Sharing Her Artistic Gifts

Associate Therese Curotto

Associate Therese Curotto

Therese Curotto’s art graces churches throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. For her, the element of surprise is always near at hand when creating. She has also been delightfully surprised that some of her artwork has gone global!

Therese tells us in her own words:

When I was preparing to become a Notre Dame Associate, I learned about the significance of the sunflower in our community. I began to spend time reflecting on its beauty and found myself sketching different aspects of this sturdy flower. Naturally, St. Julie’s words came to mind. "To be like a sunflower which follows all the movements of the sun and ever turns toward it."

Therese's artwork

Therese’s artwork

In preparation for the General Chapter in California in 2008, Sr. Jeanette asked if she could print my artwork to use on gifts bags and note cards for the delegates and assistants who would be coming from all around the world. I was so honored!  Since then, Associates have prepared gift packets of our sunflower note cards to send to our Sisters and Associates in Nicaragua, Brazil, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Kenya!  It delights me that this simple little gift has had a part in helping us deepen our bonds with the Notre Dame Family around the world. It’s such a joy to share the artistic gifts that the good God gave me!