Let’s Rewrite the Script on Gun Violence in America

By Sr. Margaret Hoffman, SND
Justice and Peace Coordinator

Photo taken after shooting at Umpqua Community College. (NYDailyNews)

The Script must change! We must reclaim our neighborhoods, our schools, our public places. This epidemic of gun violence must cease! The cycle of horror was most recently played out on the campus of Umpqua Community College in Oregon, followed by outrage and recriminations for several days, and then…will it be as it was??

There ARE things WE can do. E. J Dionne, a respected columnist who writes for “The Washington Post,” challenges the status quo on gun violence after this most recent terrible event that took ten lives and injured seven. He challenges us to be more informed and more innovative in our response:

  1. We can make accountable those who are making billions of dollars from the sale of firearms–the arms dealers.
  2. Our federal government is responsible for 25% of gun sales; hence it must be responsible to taxpayers whose money they use.
  3. We can focus on holding responsible that relatively small number of dealers who sell most of the weapons used in crime. If the industry used micro-stamping for tracing both guns and bullets, there would be much more ease in identification.
  4. Resistance of the NRA to even reasonable checks on gun sales from the big weapons manufacturers is unacceptable. Gun manufacturers must be held accountable.

We have the right to work for peace in our communities and the right to devise legislation that protects our communities, our schools and public venues. This succession of massacres across America is unprecedented and must stop. Let’s rewrite the script!!

ACTION:  Share these thoughts and hopes with your Congressional Representatives. Call 202-224-3121. Pray to our Good God and recall the beautiful and encouraging words of Pope Francis urging that our communities be places of peace and connection. Talk to your friends. We can help those who think we are safer with more guns to be challenged to rethink their positions. This darkness too can pass.


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