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Sister Kay McMullen and Associates Chenna Bonequi and Anne Hannigan

On February 2, more than 200 years ago, the first three Sisters of Notre Dame pronounced their vows and committed themselves to serve God and educate the poor.  At the February 2nd gathering in our chapel this year, California Sisters will renew their vows, and Notre Dame Associates will renew their commitments.  To say it is a mutually inspiring event is an understatement!


Shyrl McCormick,Chenna Bonequi and Diana Enriquez-Field
Shyrl McCormick,Chenna Bonequi and Diana Enriquez-Field

During this year’s February 2nd gathering  two new Associates — Shyrl McCormick and Diana Enriquez-Field — will become part of a very active caring group of Notre Dame Associates in California who bring their professional and spiritual gifts to living the Gospel in the spirit of St. Julie.

  • Diana Enriquez-Field came to know the Sisters while attending NDNU. She worked at The Sr. Dorothy Stang Center for Community Engagement and Justice at the University, where she spoke often with students about the Sisters and their mission. She is now employed at the Catholic Institute for Lasallian Social Action at St. Mary’s College. Diana is originally from Los Angeles. She enjoys spending time outdoors and cooking with her husband,
  • Shyrl McCormick is a former SND who, as a facilitator, consultant and board member has continued to contribute to the community in many ways. She is a long-time advocate for justice issues, and sees St. Julie’s focus on the goodness of God as basic to what our world needs today. Her husband, Pat McCormick is the local director of Notre Dame Americorps. Shyrl loves to cook, garden, and enjoy time with friends and family.

How do YOU strive to reflect the goodness of God and expand the contributions of Notre Dame in the world today?

Associates renew commitmentThe Sisters also value the wonderfully diverse ways that all our Notre Dame friends, former members and graduates reflect the goodness of God and expand the contributions of Notre Dame in our world today. Please share with us some of the ways that you strive to do this by writing a comment below. If you’d like to remain anonymous, please include the request in what you write.

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