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We asked our email subscribers to share where they get a sense of hope and new life. We received an abundance of wonderful, diverse responses and have included snippets of them below. Please add yours in the Comments section. Enjoy!

“For surely I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not harm, to give you a future with hope.” Jeremiah 29:11
Pastor Linda Golden

“All year long we see NEW LIFE in our sunny California garden with various plants blooming during different seasons of the year.  In our neighborhood we see many young families moving in when older folks move away.  In the surrounding towns we see much improvements with parks and homes being renovated.”
Jerry & Cathy Jack

“I find hope in the beauty of nature around, the sun hitting the surface of the ocean, a field of wild flowers, a gentle breeze. I also find hope in the faces of my children, re-discovering the wonder of the world through their eyes….”
Suzy Smith

“‘Who am I to be afraid, when it is mine to hope in God?’ Remembering that verse can change my whole outlook for the day.”
Kathleen Coles

“My hope has been sparked once again that the church will become a sign of God’s love and compassion for all, a ‘field hospital’ for the sick, not an enclave for the saved.”
Father John Boll

“I think the seeds of hope lie close to the seeds of despair. Hope is buried in the ground of wherever life takes you…close to whatever is disheartening, exhausting or plain scary…Hope means keeping your eyes and heart open, taking courage for another day in bits and pieces from people, the plants, and the animals, who just keep living through their seasons, wherever they are, doing their work, whatever it is, and helping one another along the way.”
Nancy Greely

“What gives me hope is that the gift of faith that I have been blessed with, and the fact that I have learned that nothing on earth lasts forever.”
Kathryn Doubek

“I am fortunate to be associated with a school where new life is constantly before me in the form of the students. They are ever a source of joy, hope, cheerfulness, optimism and friendship, and I never take them for granted.”
Sr. Peter Joseph Navone, SND

“I find HOPE when I experience neighbors looking out for neighbors in the midst of a mix of cultures, faith traditions, ages and political perspectives!”
Sr. Marietta Fahey, SHF

“Hope…good people who have the same faith in humanity…we have to rely on human goodness, kindness and selflessness.”
Jody Spencer

“What gives me hope is the countries of the world working diligently together through the United Nations to deal with social, environmental and economic issues that affect people around the world….”
Sr. Jean Stoner, SND NGO Representative at the U.N.

“I don’t know what I would do without prayer. I am always asking God for help…I can also appreciate that God has a sense of humor in the way some of my prayers are answered.”
Donna Anne Wolfe

“As a health care chaplain, I ministered with people of all faiths and felt a special concern for alienated Catholics who do not seem to find a church home in any other Christian denomination. I am hopeful that Pope Francis will find ways to welcome them home.”
Ellen Radday

“What gave me hope was attending a fund-raising luncheon to support scholarships for inner city children at my old high school. [St. Elizabeth in Oakland.] It was very inspiring to hear their successes….”
Bill Locke

“…Hope…the reality that we are pushing for more awareness of the need for active stewardship of our earth’s resources.”
Jeanette Haller Condren

“People who struggle with many challenges continue to amaze me with their courage.”
Sr. Carole Proctor, SND

“I know that no matter what, God loves me. Loves us. I truly trust in the good God.”
Rita Russo

“Spending time with my young grandchildren gives me hope and always lifts my spirits. Experiencing life and the world around us through their eyes infuses me with renewed enthusiasm and joy.”
Julianne Schuh Salverson

“Today I visited the Women’s Correctional Center [San Mateo County Jail]. The women’s hope takes on meaning that is clear and simple. Today I heard, ‘I hope my son is OK while I’m incarcerated.’ ‘I hope for a court date soon.’ ‘I hope I can stop crying for my 14-year-old daughter who was killed one year ago today.'”
Sr. Maureen Hilliard, SND

“What gives me hope is remembering and believing that God is greater than all…I also remember how many times events in my life turned out fine when I was sure there would be a catastrophe.”
Suzzanne Fitzgerald

“Hope…is the abiding sense that I have that our loving Father will see us through all our travails. We are in His hands. In Him is our hope and courage….”
Patricia Maguire

“I love this Pope and think he is a breath of fresh air in our church.”
Helen Silva

“My hope is nurtured in the work of Karen Armstrong. Her Charter for Compassion is a worldwide movement to ‘restore not only compassionate thinking, but more importantly, compassionate action to the center of religious, moral and political life.'”
Sr. Sharon Joyer, SND

“Some ‘new life’ turns out to be ‘old life’ — full, rich, satisfying parts of life — that simply had been abandoned, such as quiet time for prayer, dinner out with friends, lingering in the gathering space after mass to say hello and catch up on the news from others.”

“First of all, as a Christian, hope is a part of my belief system: faith, hope and charity. With Julian of Norwich, I believe that “all will be well.” Maybe not right now, but eventually.”
Ellen Radday

“I have always been inspired by the life of Nelson Mandela. Here is a piece of his 1994 inaugural speech: ‘As we let our own Light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from out our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.'”
E. Coleman

“One of the advantages of living in New England is the seasonal changes that come and go with no regard for calendar dates! They continue to tell me that change is a principle of the universe. That movement is happening from the grass that comes up blade by blade, the barest branches bloom, the birds remember how to come home, life renews itself…and I have a new great grand niece because her parents are full of hope that the world has ways for them to help change what needs to be changed…so we will be worthy of welcoming children.”
Sr. Jon Julie Sullivan, SND

“My license plate is MN8HOPE. When a fire in Reno displaced hundreds of people from their homes, someone took a picture of my license plate and posted it somewhere…Every blossom exploding from the tress, every daffodil and crocus and columbine make my heart swell with hope in this expression of God’s love and his reminder of eternal life.”
Kathleen Coles

“I find hope in the garden, when my perennials start to bloom and the birds are singing. Also I see hope in young couples I’m preparing for marriage. As I get older, it’s good to be around the young, our home’s back yard fence borders an elementary school, so hearing the youngsters laughing and playing is also hopeful and a sign of new life.”
Marie Felix

“I see signs of hope and new life when I look at the fresh faces of youth peering in wonder and amazement at life.”
Donna Gomes Austin

“I believe in myself, my determination, my ability to keep trying or fighting or being joyful when things get tough and they have been really tough for a while now.”
Megan Croft

“I think that people have a harder time finding hope and new life if they have strayed too far from the simplicity of living. In today’s world, modern conveniences and the latest technology keep peoples’ minds going 24/7 and not allowing any quiet time to just be…how can God communicate with you and have you hear him if your mind is constantly moving.”
Kathryn Doubek

“I daily say the Serenity prayer and hand over everything to my best friend Jesus. He never fails me.”
Rita Brennan-Leitner

We welcome you to share your thoughts on what gives you hope and new life.


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