How Will You Vote?

How Will You Vote on the two California Death Penalty Propositions?

PROPOSITION 62: Repeal Death Penalty. Replace it with life imprisonment without possibility of parole.
PROPOSITION 66: Mend, not end the Death Penalty.

San Quentin gas chamber

Here are some Pros/Cons to ponder when you you ask the question “Is the Death Penalty…”


  • Pro: Questions its abolition. The death penalty honors the defendant as a free agent with a moral sense with ability to control his destiny for good or evil.
  • Con: Should state /federal government have right to kill when the criminal justice system has been proven to favor the rich and guilty over the poor, and racial bias and ethnic discrimination are clearly in play.


  • Pro: Is the execution method really cruel or unusual? Sufficient to discontinue it?
  • Con: It violates the dignity of being human in severity and finality.


  • Pro: It is conclusive that it deters crime.
  • Con: No credible evidence suggests that the death penalty acts as a deterrent.


  • Pro: Retribution makes for a just social order. Society is protected and balance restored.
  • Con: Retribution is another word for revenge.


  • Pro: Yes. No justice system is foolproof especially in death penalty cases.
  • Con: Yes. Since the reinstatement of the modern death penalty, it is possible that more than 1000 persons were executed that may have been innocent. Thankfully 87 persons have been freed from Death Row.


  • Con: Blacks and Hispanics are charged with capital crimes out of proportion to their numbers. They are only 13% of the population, but they are almost 50% on Death Row.

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