It is Lent…

By Sr. Jon Julie Sullivan, SND

It is Lent…
and for years I have been thinking about the fact
that we are LENT to one another.
We are on loan.
Someday the loan will be recalled.
For now, we are here with one another,
on loan, for a lot of reasons.

Some of your gifts are exactly what I and others need–
because I am lacking your talents, your way of being, your sense of life.
Some of your gifts are the very things I need to make me kinder,
more thoughtful, patient, humble.
Without you, I would not have the opportunity to grow in virtue,
as old fashioned as that sounds.

Of course, I am also aware that who I am
also makes it possible for you to practice patience,
tolerance and God knows what else!
all of which makes me glad to have the 40 days of LENT
to name who is on loan to me now,
who was loaned to me so far in my life,
and what a blessing it all has been.

JonJulie-Lent Quote