Meet Associate Lydia Wahab

I have wrestled with faith for most of my adult life yet have not been able to turn away from the God-moments that I have witnessed. I know deep down that “God is good.”  This congregation is a beacon of inspiration for someone like me.

By being in relationship with the Sisters of Notre Dame, I have been exposed to meaningful prayer, heard soul-sustaining stories, played as I have never played before, listened and taken to heart the plights of people served by the congregation in other parts of the world, and met within the Associate group and the Sister group women of courage, commitment, and compassion, who give so much of themselves for the good of others.  I have been made to feel welcomed, been made to feel that what I have to say is valued, been made to feel a part of the whole.  My mind has been stretched, and I have been enriched by the variety of spiritual paths presented at the women’s spirituality weekends, and by some of the retreats I have attended. This group, Associates and Sisters, is a lifeline to me.  Me, imperfect, petty, most times socially inept, me with a yearning, a desire to know that there is good being done in this world despite what I see in the news, me a small part of something bigger and better for humankind.

I was on the Associate Board many years ago and that was a wonderful. I remember working with Mary Cea to create a day of reflection and then having a giant like Margaret Hoffman come and join us, as we all shared our stories.  I have not forgotten when Anne Hannigan joined us, or the gifts that Lynne Clarkin brought to us.  I give thanks to Annette, Yvonne, and Lynn who worked hard to make those earlier years meaningful as we walked the path to an Associate identity.  Now there is the faithfulness of Jeanette’s regular phone calls to us, who are at a distance, making sure that we know we are still in the circle.  At the last Associate Weekend I saw faces new to me and in getting to know a few of these Associates, I felt their richness of spirituality and the assurance that this group will continue to enrich the whole of Notre Dame.

I am an Associate of the Sisters of Notre Dame.  I hold this membership dear.