May 13 – Feast of St. Julie!

May 13 - Feast of St. Julie

We are invited to know and love the person of St. Julie through the wisdom of her words…

A woman of joy:

  “At every step I take, I find the mark of God’s kindness.”

A woman of prayer:

   “You will find in prayer, the strength to  sustain you on your journey.”

A woman of simplicity:

  “Let us always do our best with great simplicity of heart and mind.”

  “A simple soul is affectionate and attentive to the needs of others.”

A woman of Justice:

  “Our charity must not be limited by the love we have for one another.  It must make our    hearts as wide as the world.”

  “We exist for the poor, only for the poor, absolutely for the poor.”

A woman of courage:

  “Courage, we are in a time when great courage is needed.”

A woman of wisdom:

  “Teach whatever is necessary to equip the students for life.”

  “In order that firmness may not degenerate into harshness, it must be impregnated with kindness and patience.”

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