Meet Sister Beth Plesche

Twelve years of Catholic schooling left an impression on young Beth and she knew she wanted to become a Sister, but first she wanted to see a bit more of the world. After high school graduation two years of college proved to be enough of the world.  She entered the novitiate and continued her education to fulfill her second dream—to become a teacher.

Her experience teaching first grade at Mother of Sorrows School in Los Angeles kindled her desire to work with the poor. After teaching in Santa Barbara and Federal Way, Washington, she was back in inner city Los Angeles, this time at St. Columbkille’s School where she taught for 20 years.

Having taught years of first and second grade, Sr. Beth discovered that kindergarten was her real love. “Kids at that age are little sponges ready to learn. I love giving kids a good beginning.”  And for the last 20+ years Sister has been giving good beginnings to kinders at Most Holy Trinity School in San Jose.

Now over 70 years of age, an age when most teachers have retired, Sr. Beth says, “It’s a blessing to me to continue to work, and to work in a poor area and be of service.”


  1. Sister Beth,
    I think about you quite often, of hiw you touched, inspured, encouraged all who you encounter. Thank you for all your years of service with the St. Columbkille family, I would love to write to you and reconnect with you.
    Cecilia Naulls-Hamilton

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