Associate Marie Felix

As a child, I was quite ill and almost died. Somehow I knew there was a God, so began my journey. My parents didn’t practice any faith, but I was taught the Golden Rule. My first husband was a Catholic, so my daughte was baptized Cahtolic, but as a parent I didn’t follow through until I met my future husband, Mike.  He had always impressed me with his faith, so I decided to look into being a Catholic.

His two daughters and my daughter lived with us and two of them attended Mt. Carmel Elementary School and later Notre Dame High School.  I became a Catholic under the tutelage of a Sister of Notre Dame, and of course, met many Sisters through the schools our girls attended.  Upon baptism into the  Catholic Church in 1982, I was asked to be a Youth Minister at Mt. Carmel.  This was another step on the journey.  From there I was asked to be the Religion Coordinator and later the RCIA Coordinator. Mopre steps on the journey.  Then I was offered a position at Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish as Pastoral Associate in 1992.  I was originally hired to do Baptism Preparation, RCIA and Liturgy.  AFter 20 years at IHM, my job description has grown a lot and I love it.

During a difficult time of my ministry I discovered Association. Throughout my ministry, I always felt like the lone ranger, being a lay person doing ministry in the church. Most of my counterparts were vowed religious, so they had the community to support them in their ministry.  Even though my husband Mike was very supportive, I still felt something was missing.

When I discovered Association, I was thrilled…this was the community I so desired to stand behind me and support me during difficult times.  The Sisters’ motto, "God is Good," is what I have always felt and have been so grateful to them for contributing to my journey. I also have a special affinity towards our Blessed Virgin, as my name is Marie and my journey has led me to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Immaculate Heart of Mary, and most recently, the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.  I feel totally blessed to be part of a larger worldwide community and look forward to what I can do for the Sisters and their mission.