National Catholic Schools Week 2019

There are currently five Notre Dame schools in the Western U.S. that are still formally associated with the Sisters as SND-Directed Schools, and many other Heritage Schools that the Sisters founded, taught or administered in and that continue to thrive. A complete list appears below.

During this 2019 National Catholic Schools Week we celebrate the Sisters,and the students, alumni, school administrators and staff, and friends that have made the schools into communities of faith, knowledge and service. 

Hallmarks of a Notre Dame Learning Community

Hallmarks are the essential characteristics, values and activities of a Notre Dame learning community. The Hallmarks emerged in response to the question from both the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur and their co-workers: “What makes a learning community a Notre Dame Learning Community?” The Sisters and the learning communities began to explore this question in 2003. The culmination of these discussions — seven Hallmarks that concisely and beautifully express the values of a Notre Dame Learning Community. Learn more here.

Share your school memories with the Notre Dame de Namur community

The lists below link to information we have about the schools, and we welcome your help in gathering more information for our school pages, whether it be a memory, photograph, etc. If you can help us, please leave a message by filling out the reply form at the bottom of the school page. If there are photographs, etc. you’d allow us to use, let us know in your message and we will contact you.

Notre Dame Schools Directed by Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur

Notre Dame Heritage Schools

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