News from Nicaragua

Sr. Sandy Price has served in Nicaragua for over 30 years. Part of Sister’s ministry is to help find funds for schools and help the communities organize to build them. In this recent report, Sister shares about the current projects.

Sr. Sandy writes:

New school in Kiagua, Nicaragua.

I am finally writing a bit of news from here and all the activities that have filled the past few months along with a couple of pictures from the inauguration of the latest school to be built. It is in a community called Kiagua. The inauguration was in October. We sent a master carpenter and the parents did the building under his supervision. Now we are beginning plans for the next four schools on the list for 2014.

Looking forward to pre-school.

We finally have the ground work, drainage, leveling etc. for the playground for the pre-school children. I went to Managua last week to see if I can find out if and how we can buy equipment to put into the park.

We now have the maternity house at our center. Women from the rural communities come to stay for a few days or weeks before they give birth at the hospital which is just a block and a half from our place. Today we have about five women here and each one has a companion to be with her. They usually stay three or four days after the baby is born also before returning home.

All the school promotions have happened in the last three weeks too. We had our pre-school promotion in December with 30 children,12 of them will go to first grade in February. This next year as well as the Montessori school we will have a small library and study time for children in primary school and try to help them with homework.

The center for the handicapped children in Siuna is almost finished. We have had lots of trouble getting the floor done. We still need about six or eight truckloads of fill to be able to pour the cement. There is just one truck in Siuna to haul the dirt and partly because of the rain and partly because the man hasn’t delivered the dirt which is already paid for. The last point probably has something to do with the delay.

But as you can see much is happening. Blessings to you all in 2014.

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