Learning How to Be the Hands & Feet of Jesus

This story comes from two postulants (affliates) in Nigeria: Kelechi and Rachel. Their account of visits to people in need are full of practical help and encouragement, and though they encounter the hard (sometimes messy) realities of life, they tell us: "We are happy that we are touching the lives of the people around us."

The Postulate community is a lively place one would wish to stay.  Apart from other activities we do in the house, like taking classes, teaching children, farming and praying, we go out for visitations on Thursdays. During our visitations we wash their clothes, sweep and clean their rooms and keep them company.  Some of these people are very old, some are sick and some are blind. One of our friends, Mr. Andrew, had a stroke. On our visits we would bathe him, wash his clothes and give him nice hair cuts.

One day we went to see him as usual and discovered he had fallen, but there was nobody to help him up.  He had been there for some days without food. We lifted him up and noticed that his skin had started peeling off.  Maggots were coming out of his skin. We managed to lay him in his bed, clean him up, and feed him. The next day his brother sent a message to us that he had passed on.

These are some of the things we encounter during visitations.  Throughout the formative experience, we are called to discern our vocation and to continue to deepen our relationship with God and one another in community.