Take Time to Reflect

The Sunflower and St. Julie Billiart

St. Julie Billiart loved to look out across the fields of brilliant sunflowers that were a common sight in France and Belgium. She took special notice of how each seed-laden flowerhead would strain upon its stem to follow the fun as it moved across the sky. She saw this as a metaphor: how the human spirit focuses–if we let it–and follows the direction of God, as God moves across our lives. – sndohio.org

A Spiritual Practice

Sr. Kay McMullen, SND

Be present,

Take off your shoes…

Quit your hurry and
wait for a deeper listening
to become possible.

Care for your garden
and learn the steady turning
of the planet.

Rest against a redwood
and feel the heart-beat
of its thousand years.

Take off your shoes
and play with white surf
laughing on golden sand.

Walk out into the storm
with the ease of meadow grasses
bending with the wind.