Prayer for the Enslaved

By Sr. Margaret Hoffman, SND

O Merciful God, of the stable, of the Cross, of the Resurrection, and of the ever-present Holy Spirit, we implore your help in protecting our children, our young, and all who are enslaved in the dark evil of human slavery.

jesus_kidsO Loving God, who said “Let the little children come unto me,” and taught us the dignity of all persons, help us to abolish this scourge of human trafficking

  • from our streets
  • from our neighborhoods
  • from our airports, hotels and motels
  • from our restaurants and massage parlors
  • from our fields and orchards
  • by the powerful tools of prayer, advocacy and education.

Guide our churches and parishes, colleges, universities and high schools to be proactive in safeguarding the vulnerable from this evil which happens silently even in our own quiet communities. Guide us to help change the structures that impoverish people, as Pope Francis has said, and are a major cause of this exploitation.

O Living God, move us to prayer and effective action to heal this global assault against your beloved peoples. It is an epidemic of violence against the most vulnerable among us. With your grace we can make a difference.

Our youth—as well as adults—are being caught in webs of evil from San Mateo to San Francisco; from Oakland to Los Angeles; from Chicago to New York; From Jakarta to Paris: from Hong Kong to Bangkok—a global evil.

These are the young, deprived of childhood, of dignity, love, and caring by predators—both men and women—who themselves need our ongoing prayer to change their lives.

O Caring God, children are carrying bricks instead of books; harvesting cocoa instead of being in school, sold into sexual slavery by pimps, sent to fight wars; adults and children are enslaved in the fields and sweatshops, even being killed for their body parts; and now, with new technologies, we see a new avenue for seduction on the web.

O Saving God, please protect our children and all the enslaved. Be with us as we pray and act to heal this evil. Let us take heart as we see that more people are understanding the issues and taking action. AMEN

We Sisters of Notre Dame of the United States took a corporate stand on the issue of trafficking in 2012. President Obama declared January as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month in 2013.