The Spirit you received is not the spirit of slaves bringing fear
into your lives; it is the spirit of sons and daughters
and it makes us cry out,
“Abba, Father!  . . . we are children of God!  (Rom. 8:15)

A new year dawns with its invitation to place hope in God, in ourselves and others. We invite you, our extended family, to pray with us for these intentions: We ask our Good God in prayer this January to give us new energy to support our stance on human trafficking and enable our updated study of immigration issues to result in a national corporate stance in favor of immigrants later this month.


January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. We have learned that this scourge in its many forms is present all around us, affecting not only adults, but tragically young girls and boys as well. Let us continue to

  • pray for the release of victims and for the rehabilitation of their captors,
  • be informed on the topic and inform others,
  • demand slave-free products like chocolate and support companies who sell free-trade items and
  • act on legislation that curbs trafficking and prosecutes traffickers.

The immigration issue will probably come up in the new Congress after the November election. There are over 200 million people forced to migrate around the world.  This is the largest number of migrants the world has ever seen. It is the result of wars, climate change, uprisings of desperate people, economic need, religious and tribal conflict, the need for asylum from persecution and many more legitimate causes. The United States cannot stand aloof from these troubles and solve the immigrant issue by criminalizing entry to this country and by wholesale deportations. The U.S. bishops have clearly stated that true followers of Christ ethically cannot turn away from this issue of justice.

May our Good God give us the spiritual strength to deal with these issues
in just and compassionate ways.