The Birds of the Air…

By Sr. Margaret Hoffman, SND

The birds of the air have their nests,
but the Son of God has no place to lay his head. — Luke 9:58

Where I live I have two front doors. Mourning doves have taken over, building nests on the outside lights under the awnings of both front doors! Our fourth family has just moved in this week and in about two weeks the chicks will hatch and are ready to fly.

Such are the marvels of nature. Meditating on this drama where both mother at night and dad in the day sit on the eggs for protection while the other forages for food, my thoughts turned to the struggles of so many of our families in this country to provide shelter and food for their families. The times are not kind to the poor and disabled, to those who have lost jobs and homes. I wonder what Jesus thinks of all this.

Dear Jesus, you who relied on the hospitality of friends during your public ministry,
we pray for…

  • grace to explore the roots of poverty in our present systems (God, hear us . . .)
  • grace to know that extreme poverty stifles the human spirit and prevents our society from sharing the gifts of these precious human beings (God hear us . . .)
  • grace to see that people battered by war, forced migration, and natural disaster must be treated as brothers and sisters and given support and, where necessary, permanent refuge (God hear us . . .)
  • grace to find that action or those actions–whether local or global–that I can engage in to contribute to change the situation (God, hear us . . .)
  • grace for changes in attitudes and structures that will move more people out of poverty in the future, knowing that no prayer ever goes unheeded or is lost.  (God hear us . . .)

Confidence in your love and caring for us and for all people gives us profound hope for the future!  AMEN.