Lent is a Special Invitation

By Sr. Margaret Hoffman

When the bow appears in the clouds, I will recall the covenant
I have made between me and you and all living beings."
Genesis 9:17

Lent is a special invitation by a loving God urging to us to return to the real sources of growth in our life.

A week ago while taking a walk after rain, I saw a beautiful rainbow stretching from end to end of a misty grey sky.  How opportune that the first Sunday of Lent begins this year with the story of Noah and the rainbow, symbol of the deep compassion of God for his people.

However we choose to observe this sacred time in our lives, let the compassion of our good God undergird our practice of alms giving, fasting and especially our prayer.  Let it include outreach to others–to our families, our neighbors, our friends and to this troubled and suffering world.

Above all, let this sacred time be permeated with joy and hope in the future for our global community and this planet.  Our good God is in charge.  Remember the bird that brought Noah the olive branch signaling that the waters were receding from the earth!