Rainy Season in South Sudan

From Sr. Carolyn Buhs, SND
Teacher with Solidarity for South Sudan

Wishing you many blessings for this middle of July. The rainy season has come! Our 20 students who are staying here in Yambio for this holiday month, cut grass and weed for the first two hours of each morning. After two days the place they cut needs another trim! Everything is growing so well!!!  Malaria is also doing well….but does not delight us as does the green growth!

TAg.Projecthe Agriculture Project in Riimenze is truly amazing! Fifty hectares are being cleared, step by step. When I visited last month, Sr. Rosa told me that some land will be kept with its natural flora and fauna. Fifty to sixty workers come from the neighborhood each day to work in the fields. Our College food comes from this farm.

Brother Bill was with us for several days. On his last night here, the four of us remaining in the Community took Bill to our now favorite little cafe on the edge of a small lake. It is so calming to gaze at the still water and the mirror reflections of trees as the sun is setting. We used to bring our own food here and buy drinks. Now a cook has come who can make popcorn and chicken and chips! We bring our own can of popcorn and the cook pops and serves us with our drinks! It was Bill’s first time and he appreciated the good sized serving of chips!

Please continue to keep us in your prayers.