Scholarships and Bread for Haitian Children

For the Giving Tuesday campaign in 2018, the Sisters focused on raising money for two special projects in Haiti, both of which will benefit children like those that were so near and dear to the heart of our foundress, St. Julie Billiart. Simply put, these projects provide scholarships and bread for some of the most vulnerable children on the island.

Sissy Corr, SNDdeN, Director of International Programs for the Notre Dame Mission Volunteers, is at the center of these projects, which grew out of the Notre Dame Boulangerie that she was instrumental in building in Les Cayes, Haiti.

You’ll enjoy this short video about the bakery and the enthusiastic, hard-working employees.

Please consider giving today to the scholarship or bread-for-school projects.

Sister Sissy told us that a $150 donation for this project would fund a child’s education for a year, and $100 would provide enough bread to feed 1,000 schoolchildren for a day!

With the help of many generous friens, we were able to collect sufficient donations to send 65 children to school for a year and to deliver 13,000 pieces of bed at school to youngsters who often only eat one meal a day!


  1. What a joy to hear the voices of the people of Le Cayes! The truth of the power of people at the local level to speak their need and to find a way forward together is like breathing oxygen in the midst of so much destruction and cut-offness.
    Thank you!!

  2. Why don’t you contact your ‘friend’, Bill Clinton, and ask him what he did with the Two and a Half BILLION dollars he and the Sr.Pres. George Bush collected for the Haiti’s relief after their earthquake!!! (You can start by looking into the Clinton Foundation)!!
    It’s shocking and infuriating that, obviously, no one ‘follows’ through to confirm that the money is used for the sake of the people and not to enlarge the fortune(s) of the ‘crooks’ that collect it (for themselves)!!!!
    Your intentions may be good, but there’s solid evidence of abuse!

    1. Thank you for your feedback. Any funds raised for the Sisters’ efforts in Haiti go directly for use in the programs as described, and are not related to other foundations or government activities.

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