Sisters’ Book Club

The Sisters that reside at the Province Center are participating in a book club that is organized and led by Sr. Nancy O’Shea.

Learning from the engaging conversations, insights  and humor of the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Sisters at the Province Center have begun reading and sharing The Book of Joy.  “How we choose to act each day truly matters.”

Previous discussions focused on In the Service of Life, by Elaine Prevallet, S.L., a look at religious life through the lens of its connection with nature and the whole universe.

Before that, the Sisters shared their own experiences of living into their 80s & 90s with insights from Pilgrimage into the Last Third of Life, by Jane Thibault and Richard Morgan. “I’ve been given this gift for some reason and I want to make the most of it,” one Sister said.

The best part of reading The Fragrance of Faith by Jamal Rahman, about the teachings of Islam, was their meeting afterwards with a Muslim woman from Pakistan. She answered questions and shared beliefs and practices with them – a most enriching experience.

Studying the encyclical of Pope Francis, Laudato Si’ helped everyone understand the complexity of the many issues related to ‘Care for our Common Home.’ “It calls us to new hope that our small efforts can have a mighty effect.”

The Sisters would welcome YOUR reflections on this book and YOUR recommendations for future reading. Write us your suggestions as a comment below!


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