Sisters stand with families

The separation of families seeking asylum in the US as they flee untenable situations in their native countries calls us to put our values into action to protest current anti-immigrant policies.

Many Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur joined in marches and rallies throughout the country to stand with and for the children and families who have been separated from one another at the border with Mexico.

Earlier this year, a number of Sisters, including Judy Flahavan, Susan Olson and Jacinta Martinez spent time at the Texas-Mexico border, helping women from Central America prepare for their interviews with immigration officials.

“Listening to the stories of so much trauma, terror and suffering and the arduous travel to the border of the United States, we were constantly reminded of how much we take for granted about our own security and care,” they reported.

Last month, Bishop Patrick McGrath of the Diocese of San Jose wrote about this tragic situation, saying :”We support Church efforts to keep families together and to reunite those that have been separated… and let us treat with compassion those who today knock on the doors of our hearts.”

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