The Values of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur

November, 2018

As we prepare to exercise our blessed right as citizens of the United States of America to vote in the 2012 election, the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur want to bring to mind those values that we hold as a Roman Catholic congregation of Women Religious.

  • We hold the immigrant, the widow and the orphan in our hearts and support a path to citizenship for all those who come seeking security and a better life.
  • We welcome diversity and encourage others to live and work in communities of folks who are ethnically diverse knowing that we are enriched by their gifts.
  • We honor the many ways our citizens worship and the diverse expressions of belief.
  • We work to support women and join with our fellow citizens in rejecting sexism in all its forms. We want to be part of a nation that views women as equal partners with men and who share in both power structures and resources for the well–being of all.
  • We support legal measures that control the sale and use of firearms, especially semi-automatic weapons, and are committed to work with all people of good will in building a genuine culture of life.
  • We stand against violence and for respectful and just treatment of every person in every community especially in the African-American community and in communities who are experiencing high levels of poverty

Our commitment is to the common good of all and it is our hope that we as Americans can aspire to these values.