Bequest Stories

With gratitude, we recognize the generosity and thoughtfulness of those who have remembered the Sisters of Notre Dame in their wills and estate plans. Our bequest donors come from many walks of life and through many different connections, and we are grateful for each and every one!

6_carmen_pelayo_norona_250Carmen Pelayo Norona

Carmen never forgot the Sisters who educated her four children. More than once she told her daughters that she wanted to show her gratitude, but we didn’t know about her intention until Carmen died in 2010, a few months shy of her 100th birthday. Find out more about this spunky lady.

mardesich_property_250Nickola and Marilyn Mardesich

Nick and Marilyn neither attended Notre Dame schools nor had children in our schools. In fact, their connection to the Sisters was not one usually thought of as easy or positive…it was one of landlord and tenant! Link to full story of the Nick and Marilyn.

haley-grandchildren_250Dan and Olivia Bianucci Haley

The Haleys have had a lifetime of living their faith and experiencing the benefits of family, Catholic schools, parish involvement and the Notre Dame Sisters. They told us their will reflects a “give back.” Sisters of Notre Dame are honored by Dan and Olivia’s generous “give-back” decision” and very grateful to them. Read more about Dan and Olivia.

If you’ve included the Sisters of Notre Dame in your will or estate plans, please let us know. We’d like to include you in our St. Julie Billiart Legacy Society, which is a small way of thanking you now! Contact Monica May, Development Director, at 650-486-2177 or fill out this form.

If you’d like to add the Sisters to your will, we have some information that will be helpful: