Thanksgiving 2015

At Thanksgiving and throughout the year, we thank and pray for our good benefactors and friends, and for their concerns.

Let us be thankful for one another, and for all whose lives nurture, challenge and enrich ours!

Praise God!*

Give praise from the heavens, and from all ends of the earth!
Give praise all you angels, angels of earth and of heaven!

Give praise, sun and moon, give praise all you shining stars!
Give praise, all universes, the whole of creation!

Give praise to the Beloved, all the earth,
All that swim in the deep, and all the winged ones of the air!

Give praise all mountains and hills, all trees and all minerals!
Give praise all four-leggeds, and all that creep on the ground!

Leaders of the nations and all peoples, young and old,
Give praise! Unite together in all your diversity,

that peace and harmony might flourish on earth!

Let all people praise God, the Beloved,
who is exalted in heaven and on earth,
whose glory is above heaven and earth.

Praises be to God, the Blessed One,
the very Breath of our breath,

the very Heart of our heart!


* adapted from Psalm 148