The Other Road, committed to protecting the earth…

“We stand now where two roads diverge. . . . The one less travelled by assures the preservation of the earth.” – Rachel Carson, “Silent Spring”

The Other Road is a group of Sisters, Associates, friends and co-workers who have met quarterly under the inspiration of scientist and gifted author, Rachel Carson. We gathered at the Province Center on January 10th to celebrate our 21st anniversary! While the celebration was full of energy and hope, it’s really just a pause on the road, for we are quite aware of the challenges ahead needed to protect our beloved earth home from the ravages of climate change.

Associate Linda Walsh being honored
Associate and Sculptor Linda Walsh

Our gathering gave us the opportunity to honor one of our members. Sculptor Linda Walsh, SND Associate and Other Road member, gifted us a decade ago with the beautiful Peace Pole located in the circle garden adjacent to the Province Center entrance. Now, as she did with the Peace Pole, she engaged us in creating a memorial in bronze for the foyer to honor one of our recently deceased Other Road members, Sr. Pat Hoffman, our beloved clown, and to honor as well our 20 years on the “road less travelled.”

Our program included prayers for our injured earth; a procession around the Peace Pole; a powerful short video entitled “Climate Change Just Hit Home”, with time for discussion; suggestions for action, including an invitation to join a growing International Ecological group with the signing of a Charter for Compassion for a Planet in Trouble; and finally a two minute video of a mother from the Maldives promising her beautiful new baby life on a safe planet home.

And of course, we concluded with drinks and a special cake decorated with two roads—one road black tarmac and the other road, well—rustic, organic, shall we say?—served on biodegradable plates with biodegradable utensils!