On the Move

By Sister Jean Stoner, SND
NGO Representative at the United Nations  

I don’t know about you, but I can get overwhelmed by the sheer numbers that describe our world today: 7 billion people now living on earth, 1 billion of them in poverty, 214 million international migrants, 42 million refugees from war and other disasters. In all, 1/7 of the world is on the move and 80% of them are women and children most vulnerable to their situations.

At the United Nations, countries work together for peaceful solutions on a global level, pledging to eradicate poverty, hunger, and disease worldwide, empower women and children, ensure human rights of migrants, etc. These nations deal in millions of dollars on behalf of millions of marginalized people in need of recourse. As important as these global efforts are, individuals can get lost as they struggle to survive challenging circumstances. That’s why such organizations as the International Rescue Committee are so necessary as part of the total solution. With personal assistance, those who are on the move can find a new home and succeed in life. Domitira Nahishakiye, a refugee from genocide and war, is a perfect example.

View a brief video featuring Domitira and her hopeful story.