Carrying On

By Sr. Jean Stoner, SND
NGO Representative at the United Nations 

New York City operates 422 subway stations in its transit system serving more than 8 million people. Permanent art exhibits maintained by the MTA Arts for Transit program feature mosaic, ceramic, tile, bronze, steel or glass art works in most of these locations.

"Carry On" by Janet Zweig
“Carry On” by Janet Zweig

Last week I discovered an exhibit entitled “Carrying On” showing various things people tote around with them on the streets of New York. This series of 194 silhouettes by artist Janet Zweig graces all the tile walls in this particular subway station. As I waited for my train to arrive I delighted in the detail of each silhouette and the way this artist captures such a simple human action as carrying an object.

Carrying on is what we all do as we faithfully move about our daily lives with our sometimes heavy burdens in hand and intent on our destinations. Those of us at the United Nations see this fidelity exemplified in country delegates, U.N. staff, and NGO members as they address such complex issues of our time as Peace-keeping, Eradication of Poverty, Gender Equality, Climate Change, Global Financial Crisis, Migration, and Trafficking. Even when negotiations break down, technology fails to connect us, or global goals seem insurmountable, we keep working together on a regular basis to find alternative solutions.

Carrying on is what we do.