Education Highlights

By Sr. Jean Stoner, SND
NGO Representative at the United Nations

Ride the U.N. Cyber School Bus — The U.N. Cyber School Bus, a global learning and teaching project, is available in the six official languages of the United Nations (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish). It’s a creative and interesting web site and a wonderful resource for elementary and secondary teachers — and everyone else too.

India Provides Free Lunches Daily to 150 Million School Children — Since 2001 all Indian primary schools have provided pupils with a free midday meal. Watch an inspiring video about how this monumental task is accomplished every day. It will be wonderful when this kind of support happens worldwide!

Higher Education Supports U.N. Goals — At a recent meeting of Religious NGOs at the United Nations, a Sister experienced in higher education recommended two entities as ones that religious congregation-sponsored institutions might consider joining. She said that small colleges and universities especially benefit from being recognized as belonging to these groups which support U.N. goals. There are no requirements for affiliation other than affirming the principles under which the groups are organized, which are resonant with our Notre Dame mission. One group is U.N. Academic Impact and the other is Universities Fighting World Hunger, and both have members from around the world.