Update from Nicaragua

Sr. Rebecca Trujillo, SND, reports from Matagalpa, Nicaragua, where our Sisters work with children of challenging and different capabilities and in community development.

We are busy with what might be called cottage industries or sheltered workshops, which we are using for inclusive employment. This past year we started a tortilla project which mothers and young handicapped people work and sell tortillas. We are making from scratch more than 1000 tortillas daily and this helps to keep a cultural tradition going instead of losing it to processed tortillas.

We also started our organic garden which will supply fruits and vegetables to our many nutrition programs. We are working on having this kind of garden in family homes.

Another change this year is the integrated therapy program where we have instituted classes in all areas where the mothers attend while their child receives physical therapy. This gives the mother a stronger commitment to working directly with their child and also helps build supportive relationships with other mothers and staff. Four staff members have been trained in psico ballet, which is a dance therapy, including one of our deaf teachers.  We have been very lucky because of all the volunteer help we receive from different professionals.