St. Joseph Elementary School, San Jose

The Sisters opened St. Joseph’s School back in 1940 and taught generations of San Jose children there. The school has closed, streets changed and a freeway built, but you may have memories or family stories of St. Joseph’s safe in your heart. We’d love to hear from you.


  1. Attended St Joe’s from 54 to 57 along with one older and one younger sister. Remember some of the sisters. Sisters Lucy, Mary Michael, Vincent, Peter (Principal?) I remember taking their lunch tray to them up stairs. The lunchroom was in the basement. My Mom looked in the lunchroom. To help pay tuitio.

  2. I attended St. Joe’s in K and 1st grade along with my older step-brother and -sister. Our father was also an alumni. I have fond memories of those two short years and will be in San Jose next week. Can someone help me locate the old site with current cross streets so I can walk by?

  3. Holy Family Church was literally next door to St. Joseph School, at San Fernando and River St. That location is now where McEnery Park and the Hyw 87 are now located.

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