Gratitude Prompts a Legacy Gift

Carmen Pelayo Norona (1910 – 2010) came from Mexico when she was 17, and became a proud and patriotic citizen. She valued the education her four children received from the Notre Dame Sisters at St. Joseph and Sacred Heart Elementary schools in San Jose. One of her daughters graduated from Notre Dame High School in San Jose, and all graduated from college.

Carmen and her children never forgot the "dedication, love and compassion" of the "precious nuns," especially Sisters Dolores Julie, Mary Wilma, Catherine Dolores (Paula) and Adrienne Marie.

Carmen died in 2010 at the rich age of 100, but that’s not the end of the story.

Two of her daughters, Rosalie Eskew and Ursula Stock, came to visit us at the Province Center to tell us the news and to personally present a legacy gift to the Sisters of $13,000. Rosalie and Ursula said that their mother had been very definite about wanting to express her gratitude to the Sisters in her will and had spoken often about it.

Carmen will be gratefully and prayefully remembered by the Sisters.