Women’s Marches – January 21, 2017

The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur were active participants in the women’s marches in Washington, D.C. and across the country.

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Sisters Sharon McMillan, Liane Delsuc, Beth Plesche, Louise O’Reilly and Susan Olson in in San Jose.

In California, Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur joined thousands of others in demonstrations in San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles. Through their presence at the Women’s Marches, the Sisters advocated for women’s equality, immigration rights, affordable healthcare and other issues consistent with Notre Dame values.

Notre Dame Affiliate Gillian Wallace, Sr. Carol Shoup and Sr. Cathy Waldron met a man walking in San Jose carrying a sunflower-shaped balloon, his mother’s favorite flower. When he heard from the Sisters what sunflowers symbolized for them, he gave it to them.

Sr. Kay McMullen, who attended the event in Oakland, shared that “a meaningful experience was the participation of the men who were in our little group,” especially her cousin’s husband. To ride to the march in the already-full Volvo wagon, he squeezed into the cargo hold. “He was that determined to support us and the issues he cares about!” said Sr. Kay.

Click on the video below to watch America¬†Magazine’s coverage of Women Religious marching in Washington, including comments from Patty Chapell, SND, Executive Director of Pax Christi USA.

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Notre Dame Associate Joanne Thompson and her family participated in the Womens March in San Jose.
Notre Dame Associate Joanne Thompson and her family participated in the Women’s March in San Jose.


  1. My husband and 2 ND graduated daughters and I all went to the march in DC. So proud the ND sisters were a part of this important movement!


  2. My daughters, 4 grandchildren and I attending the Women’s March in San Jose. It was inspirational to be with so many people standing up for human rights. What a blessing it was to share this day with my daughters and grandchildren the youngest only 6 months old!

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